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I am ‘Chandan Sahu’ founder and product owner of SQL planner and “Change My Folder Icon”.

Your Profile

If your are into business development / software Sales and it would be a great to know your thoughts to work for us and help in our product Sales,

You can do this in parallel to your existing job too, we don’t impose target to you, however more serious you are more money you would generate for yourself.

Your Earning

Being our Affiliate member, We can share 10% flat profit on the amount of revenue you generate for us from your effort.

Let’s say you sell 1000 server license in a year , and our price per server is 700$ , as per calculation of 10% of your profit would be 65000$ approx. after company expenses deduction, if your amount percentage comes under taxable slab then Income tax law will be applicable as per government rule and deduction will be applied accordingly.

What we expect from you

At the moment we have 2 product as following : 

  1. SQL Planner : It is a Microsoft SQL Server monitoring and backup solution a Which can be used only in Organizations / Corporates / Company who is running their Microsoft SQL server database system for their business need, hence they are our potential customers. Would you want to see live demo ? please visit to our you tube channel.     The BDM / Affiliates, with little SQL Knowledge or General Sales knowledge, having contact of several CEO / management of several companies who are using Microsoft SQL server database technology in the back end.  The BDM would approach to them and convince to use and buy SQL planner.
  2. Change My Folder Icon : It is a small utility to change Folder Icon, and can be used by any and every users who uses Microsoft Windows operating system (windows 7/8/9/10/11). The BDM / Affiliates can sell this product to any computer users who runs on Microsoft windows platform and requires only Software sales knowledge.

To know more about the product introduction, please click on colored text above to visit to respective webpage. 

We will make agreement on this if you feel you will be good in this role and it will be our pleasure.

Should you need anything more please write in specific. 

Let me know your interest by writing to /


Thank you  for reading the details.

Happy Earnings.


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