A: It has 2 level of security implemented a) your own SQL server security and b) At our application level security – which saves all credential in encrypted format.
Exposing this application over internet / intranet or just at local machine configuration is totally in your choice and controllable by you.
SQL Planner is certified as 100% clean and secure by softpedia Lab.

A: If you have selected Email Server settings as “Send via Application Email Server” which is default setting , please check emails landing into SPAM folder , please mark that email in safe category , you will receive them in Inbox then. If you have choose “Send via my public email servers (Gmail, Hotmail etc.)” then perhaps your SMTP setting details are incorrect or Application do not support. You can also choose DB mail profile.
You will receive only 100 emails per day in trial version.
A: We created this solution to enable DBA to manage several SQL server, no matter where they are installed, from one central location and to save money and time. We have many feature in one application to save cost, making it a web browser based gives you feeling of in house SQL server online and accessible from anywhere, if you configure it so.
A: Due to security reason of your SQL server, when the application sense your login session inactive it log out automatically, you can login with your credential again to do normal activity.
A: It is not purely designed to monitor SQL server, it just has basic and important events, light weight and important alert mechanism when found it sends email and creates Server health report out of it, we will need to add more events in it in future.
A: Mostly via email or Skype Call, if required and if you permitwe will connect your screen via AnyDesk or Zoom screen meeting.
A: Our trial software is valid for 4 month , so you have ample amount of time to evaluate , at present this is in beta version hence is available for free, and for any reason you are unhappy , we have no question asked 30 days of money back policy from day of purchase.
A: we will have many features added in this single one stop application,
  • Several Health Reports addition on health
  • Several addition on alert, missing index suggestion etc.
  • Edit feature of all jobs and alerted server.
  • Auto backup file restore to other server.
  • Advance Options on Index maintenance.
  • Schema comparison.
  • Query Editor and execution.
  • Features that most of DBA will Request or vote.
  • Application look and feel enhancement.
A: Yes, we will have to analyze the requirement and do the development that will be chargeable.
A: Yes, we will make an agreement and as per agile process we will start the work.