SQL Server Health Analysis , Monitoring , Backup is super easy !

Did you know number of blocking , dead lock and SQL server waits is annoying your customer and is a potential cause of loosing business. Finding this manually in SQL Server is nightmare and difficult to manage and traceable ? SQL Planner ensure your SQL Server database administration task is smooth.

SQL Planner15$ per month Per instance


SQL Planner cost at USD 15 only

Should you write your own script (re-inventing wheel) when you have a product that automate bundles of your task (features listed below with demo) in SQL Planner at the price of just a Pizza ? Buy SQL Planner only at $15 monthly per instance (with all features of SQL Planner unlocked -only those who are DBA service providers) , Enterprises should buy Professional edition and work smarter, faster than others and win Employee of the month award etc in your organization.

Deadlock, Blocking Analysis SQL Waits Analysis 12+ Performance Counters
Database Input Output Analysis Storage (DB , Disk) Analysis Missing Index Report
Index Fragmentation Report and De-fragment CPU & Memory Usage Analysis Top Expensive Procedure and Query Report
Backup , Auto-Validate with Restore Automation SQL Planner Tablet , Mobile View  
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List of Features within SQL Planner

Server Monitoring, Health Analysis, Alerts : based on historical data or live data, SQL Planner generates 50+ analytical report as following :

DeadLock & Blockers analysis and detailed Report – Demo

SQL Server Waits analysis and detailed Report – Demo

Performance counters Reports list :

These performance counter reports are generated based on average aggregation at at a frequency of time when these data are pulled from SQL Server.

  • Average connection counts Database level and server level
  • Database page usage , Cache Page , SQL Cache memory usage
  • Buffer Cache Hit ratio , Check point page per second
  • Lock Memory , Buffer pool memory, Lazy write Per sec
  • Batch Request , SQL Compilation and recompilation

CPU & Memory Usage reports :

  • SQL process, Non SQL process and Total CPU Usage based on hourly aggregated and per minute wise
  • SQL process, Non SQL process and Total Memory Usage based on hourly aggregated and per minute wise

IO Usage Related reports :

  • Overall IO Usage by Database
  • IO Usage by database logical database file
  • Read and Write trend by database wise

Storage level analysis

  • Overall Disk Size utilized vs free space
  • Databases wise total size growth trend graph
  • Disk drive usage growth analysis trend

Connectivity & Error Report

  • Server connectivity failure or success report
  • SQL server Error Log report based on error occurrence

Missing Index analysis ,Fragmentation Report and defragmentation

Expensive Top Stored Procedure and Statistics

Generates 4 different reports on expensive stored procedure by overall wise , by IO and by CPU wise.

Expensive Top Queries by CPU / IO reports

Generates 6 different reports on expensive SQL Queries by overall wise , by IO and by CPU wise in given time duration.

Feature booster to SQL Server Express edition:
SQL server express edition always comes without Agent – which has scheduling jobs capability, without Maintenance plan – having several plans like automatic Backup , Index maintenance , Shrink Database , update statistics , Notify operator , Execute T-SQL Statement etc.
With SQL Planner, you can do all above task without your complex own scripting code. Apart from this, it also allows you to view automatic track on Health status and monitoring and alert on specific events – specific threshold CPU, RAM , Disk, Database space, Server Heartbeat usage , which is very light weight. Visit to Feature Page to know more.

Backup with Auto-restore
Perform Database Backup to server disk, shared disk and automate it,encrypt it, delete backup file after specific days ,with several other option and optionally auto schedule to restore database back file on to other test server and validate backup file there, at the end it sends a report on its status of backup file after running DBCC CheckDB command..

Database Scripting Automation
Allows you to generate SQL server database script and automate it,what this means is – it can do backup at tables level or the selective objects level in script format(Create and insert statement), a unique feature, saves as zipped file with .sql file in SQL Planner server disk.


Monthly ( @8$ )and Enterprise Plan


Accessible from any device


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