Try SQL 2019 in Ubuntu Desk in 5 minute

SQL 2019 on Linux version is out and many of us are excited to try and learn how things works there, so I am. And I created it in Oracle VM Virtual box – configuration details in this disk image are Linux Desktop OS with SQL service and SQL Management studio, and save your time in installation and configuration part.

So to run it, you can simply create a machine with type as Linux and version as Ubuntu 64 bit with 2.5 GB+ Memory and choose this shared disk as your hard disk.

Machine Login User name: chandan

Password : abcd@123

SQL server Credential :  server instance name : localhost ,  credential :  sa/abcd@123

Download link:

> To download Oracle VM virtual box

> To download Hard Disk image (with Linux and SQL configured)

If download does not work then try next day since its size is 3GB + and due to many download, drive would have limited to data transfer limit on my account.

It would be nice if you can copy this content in your shared drive and share link in comment section so that SQL community can take advantage.

Once you attach and start VM , you should click on menu and click on “Azure Data studio”


  • By installing this machine, you agree to all term and conditions that Ubuntu and Microsoft SQL server has in their EULA content.
  • You understand that it is only for learning or testing purposed and is not intended for development or production use in any organization.
  • You solely understand its purpose is limited to learning only and Author is not liable of any data loss or any damage.

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