SQL DBA Work Made Easy !

Enabling DBA Smarter, Faster, Efficient , Accurate

Highly Secured

It has 2 level of security implemented a) your own SQL server security and b) At our application level security - which saves all credential in encrypted format. Exposing this application over internet / intranet or just at local machine configuration is totally in your hand and controllable by you.


Access SQL Maintenance Planner application from any device and from anywhere and manage your SQL server.

Huge saving in Time & cost

1 central controller, with bundle of features, means you don’t need to login to all SQL server on internet or intranet and can manage them from just one place there by saving lots of time and effort , and has lowest price when compared to other tools .

Who this Application is for

Individual Service providers / SQL server Hosting Sites / SQL server DBA / SQL server Developers / Organization using several instance of SQL server / SQL Server Express Edition Users.

SQL planner, that has solution to manage, monitor , analyze Health of SQL server located at any location from any device, when your company / Client has placed SQL server at multiple location and to manage them all together it becomes very tedious job for DBA which requires multiple DBA to maintain it.

'' When you use SQLPlanner,your client would often say, your Junior DBA is smart, intelligent and proactive from Day 1, SQLPlanner saves your DBA time spending in writing manual scripts and automation for months and testing it and so on ,and lets you get ready in few minute within few clicks.''

How SQLPlanner Works

SQLPlanner can be installed on your local windows OS base machine, without any special separate hardware, and provide SQL server credential (ensure it has DMV read permission or higher privilege, preferably Sysadmin) which you want to monitor / analyze, it starts collecting performance and server usage data very efficiently, ensuring your SQL runs smoothly, it also alerts you by email on several critical factor when encountered such as continuous high CPU, RAM, DISK usage, Database or drive space usage etc. This SQLPlanner instance can be used from browser (Firefox Mozilla preferred) by accessing link http://localhost/SQLPlanner , same can be accessed by anyone in your network without installing in another machine, or through Mobile device.

SQL Server version and edition supported
SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2019, all editions including express.

What Clients Say

“With Several Server analytic health report we are able to conclude complete server performance within few minutes.”
Roshan Kumar