Monitor SQL Server and Analyze MS SQL Server Health From Any Device

If your MS SQL Server is on premise , VM in cloud or  Linux – SQL Planner supports all from single place.

SQL Planner Key : Simplicity , Speed , Straight to root cause, Inexpensive and Instant Support.

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SQL Server Monitoring Metrics & Report List

CPU & Memory Usage reports

1. SQL process, Non SQL process and Total CPU Usage based on hourly aggregated and per minute wise
2. SQL process, Non SQL process and Total Memory Usage based on hourly aggregated and per minute wise

Performance counters Report

performance counter reports are generated based on average aggregation at a time frequency when data are pulled from SQL Server.
1. Average connection counts Database level and server level
2. Database page usage , Cache Page , SQL Cache memory usage
3. Buffer Cache Hit ratio , Check point page per second
4. PLE number , Lock Memory , Buffer pool memory, Lazy write Per sec
5. Batch Request , SQL Compilation and recompilation

IO Usage Analysis

Overall IO Usage by Database
IO Usage by database logical database file
Read and Write trend by database wise

Deadlock & Blockers analysis

Hourly Count , Duration by Database and object wise
Details of victim Query and Root cause query session at granular level

SQL Server Waits analysis

Perform SQL server Waits by Database , Wait Types and Query level

Missing Index analysis

Missing Index report based on depth and Table wise

Expensive Query and Procedure

Generates 6 different reports on expensive SQL Queries by overall wise , by IO and by CPU wise in given time duration.
Generates 4 different reports on expensive stored procedure by overall wise , by IO and by CPU wise.

Storage analysis

Overall Disk Size utilized vs free space
Databases wise total size growth trend graph
Disk drive usage growth analysis trend

Receiving Alerts

receive alerts when your server is down, when database data or log file exceeds to specific size, when CPU / RAM usage exceeds to specific threshold values, SPACE shortage, any word occurrence of errors/warning/terminate/dead in SQL error log found etc

SQL Error Log Scan & Report

SQL server Error Log report based on error occurrence
Server connectivity failure or success report

SQL Server Agent Job Analysis

SQL Server Agent Job Analysis by duration or historical check
Alerts on failure or long running

SQL Monitor Reports Screen Shot

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