SQL Server Database Backup, Auto Restore and Complete Verification automation.

  • Backup all your SQL Server database hosted on Cloud VM , on premise ,Linux from one place & from any device (you can do SQL Server backup from Mobile, Tablet, Linux, Windows, MAC.) 
  • Auto Restore on another instance or server and validate using DBCC check db command (ensuring if corrupted or not) or refresh the database – automation
  • Selective / Multiple objects or table level backup in script mode Automation
  • Native SQL Server compression , Encryption 
  • Supported from All version from SQL Server 2008 R2 onwards and all editions including express.

SQL Backup Demo

SQL Backup Feature Screen Shot

Backup Features

  • Allows you to backup from Mobile , Tablet , Laptop having any Operating System 
  • Native SQL server Compression and Encryption
  • Schedule Backup & AutoRestore or Execute On Demand Job (Including DBCC CheckDB option)
  • View Backup Command prepared to execute inside Job
  • Receive Alert notification post job execution based on Successful / Failure / Always option
  • Backup and browse remote server directory and create job from one place – avoiding  software installation on each machine
  • Store Backup file to Local , Share path , (Cloud Location – coming soon)
  • View Backup Log , DBCC Command output , Backup Status
  • Auto Kills to open session while Auto Restore initiated – Ensuring job runs smoothly
  • Auto Delete older backup file older than specific days

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