Why do I need to have SQL server monitoring / SQL Server Health analysis software ?

SQL Monitor in Mobile

Why do you need to have SQL server monitoring / Health analysis solution in your organization ? just try to answer below questions :

1. Do you know your SQL Server in production is having blocking / Deadlock causing loss in business ?
2. Do you know historical high CPU usage at specific hour that may slow down SQL server performance ?
3. Do you know if Disk usage is being excessively used and has disk latency causing waits ?
4. Do you know Queries / Stored Procedure using highest CPU , IO ?
5. Do you know SQL server had any errors in SQL log file ?
6. Do you know if any disk or database storage will soon be out of space ?
7. Do you know if SQL server backup file each byte by byte is validated and is ok for restore at the time of recovery ?

If you didn’t have answer for any of the above question , be aware that you have kept your business in very critical failure situation.

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